Covid Update – Cottonwood Cove RV Resort | Shuswap Lake Camping

Covid Update

January 2021: Please note that all precautions adopted for the 2020 season listed below will be assumed to apply to the 2021 camping season until provincial health authorities indicate otherwise.


FOR THE SAFETY of our employees, guests and our community Cottonwood Cove will be restricted
OWNERSHIP APPOINTMENTS ONLY. Public Access will not be permitted otherwise.

The following rules are subject to ongoing direction from governmental bodies and management discretion and may change at any time without notice.  The most recent updates of this document will be posted at the front office. 

This document is borrowed in part from the British Columbia Lodgings and Campground Association (May 2020).

EVERYONE IS WELCOME so long as they maintain a high standard of responsibility for the safety of themselves and the health of others with strict adherence to the following protocols and government guidelines relating to COVID-19.  Failure to demonstrate responsibility for the health of other guests or adherence to these or other known best practices to ‘stop the spread’ will have their stay terminated immediately and without refund.  This includes the following scenarios: 

Influenza Like Symptoms

The symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to other respiratory illnesses, including the flu and

the common cold. These symptoms include fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore

throat and painful swallowing, stuffy or runny nose, loss of sense of smell, headache, muscle

aches, fatigue and loss of appetite.  No one with Influenza Like Symptoms can be permitted to enter or to remain at the resort and must remove themselves to a hospital or other place of isolation immediately. We are a private resort and reserve the right to refuse service to any guest exhibiting influenza like symptoms whether those symptoms are present at the time of check in or develop during the course of the stay.  Guests who are required to self isolate because of exposure to COVID 19 are required to leave resort property for this purpose.  Cottonwood Cove RV Resort has a number of vulnerable guests and cannot be used as a place of quarantine under any circumstances.


Each group in an RV site or an RV rental unit must be from one immediate contact unit that has been maintaining social distancing as group from other household units.   Household groups must maintain 2-metre (6 feet) social distancing from other Household groups.  Site occupancy is limited to six persons, a maximum of four of which may be adults.

Hand Washing

Wash hands for at least 20 seconds in warm water and soap every time you enter or exit your

unit or re-enter the property from the surrounding community.

Social Distancing

You and your party must always maintain 2-metre (6 feet) separation from anyone else at the

Resort, while on the beaches and in the surrounding communities and park trails.

Common Areas and Amenities

Resort amenities such as the washrooms, pool, gazebo, playgrounds, etc. are currently closed and will remained closed until further notice.  These amenities may reopen during the season but their availability is not guaranteed and all units must be self contained.  Beaches and other open areas are available for everyone to enjoy at the required physical distance of two meters.

Parental Supervision of Children

Parents must ensure that their children maintain a 2-metre (6 feet) separation at all times from

other children/people from other parties during your stay.  

Other Considerations: 

Cancellation Policy 

If Cottonwood Cove RV Resort is unable to honour your stay we will refund any deposit provided in full.  Should you decide to cancel your stay please provide us with 30 days notice prior to the scheduled date of arrival and we will refund your deposit less a $65 processing fee.  Should you decide to cancel within the 30 day notice period your 15% deposit is considered forfeited.  


Please make plans to socialize with non-guests (visitors) outside of resort property.  Visitors are strongly discouraged and the resort reserves the right to refuse entry to any non-registered guest.  All guests must register at the office and obtain a parking pass.  Vehicles without parking passes may be towed without notice at the owner’s expense.  


If you come across someone not maintaining the 2-metre (6 feet) social distancing requirement,

please remember that they may be in one Household group. If someone infringes on your 2-

metre (6 feet) distance, kindly remind them of the 2-metre (6 feet) rule. Please de-escalate any

confrontational situations and if needed report the situation to the office via text, email or phone.

Checking in

You will receive directions and reminders on check in procedures at least three days prior to your arrival date via email.  If you have any questions about the check in process please contact the office at that time.